We are happy to offer flexible Cash on Delivery (COD) and consignment (memo) options for vetted and legitimate jewelry businesses worldwide. Please review our terms table below to better understand our trading policies.

We accept Bank Wire and Transfers, Cash, Check, and QuickPay via Zelle. Due to the high cost of doing business, we generally do not offer credit card payments as an option. Should we agree to a credit card transaction, please note that a 3% convenience fee will be billed to the customer.

While we are happy to offer our app, MD Connect, and our website as a source to view our catalog and engage with our team, we do not currently allow transactions to be processed on either platform. Instead, you can place a request for a stone via our online catalog or you can contact any member of our team via email, phone, or text to request goods. You can also call us at (713) 784-4411 or email us at sales@modyint.com.

We currently ship to all 50 US states and we ship internationally depending on trade regulations between the US and said foriegn country. Please note that shipping fees may apply based on the value of the sale, terms, and/or location. Review our terms of business to learn more.

We currently support end-consumers through our partner company, Zazzy Box. Please visit www.zazzybox.com to learn more.

Dealers and wholesalers receive exclusive, discounted pricing compared to end-consumers as they traditionally buy in large quantities. To qualify for exclusive pricing, you will need to register with us via our website, submit the necessary credit references (see terms of business), and submit your tax resale certificate and/or number if you are an American company. Please note that this process can take up to 5 business days to complete.

For verified wholesale and dealer clients, we offer consignment and memorandum options for conducting business. Please review our terms of business to learn more about the specific conditions and related charges.

You can email a sales tax resale certificate to sales@modyint.com, mail it to our address, 6222 Richmond Avenue, Suite 760, Houston, TX 77057, or drop it off in person. Please note that an updated sales tax form is required for every year we conduct business with your company. This form is required for all US-based companies.

We are glad you asked! We are happy to offer our monthly deals newsletter, Mody Diamond Deals. We also regularly use WhatsApp to share deals with our customers. Please register for our newsletter here.

We source all of our diamonds ethically and verify that our inventory is conflict-free. People are at the heart of our business and therefore, it is in our DNA to prioritize ethical and sustainable business practices.

We are an importer and wholesaler of natural diamonds and jewelry. We keep our inventory independent of synthetic, cvd, and lab-grown diamonds.

Please contact info@modyint.com or call us at (713) 784-4411. We are happy to help you!