Visiting our office

When you arrive to the building, please proceed to park on the first floor in visitor’s parking. On the first floor, you will be asked to show your state-issued driver’s license or a valid form of identification. Then, you can proceed to the elevator and head to the 7th floor. We are the first office to the left of the elevators. Please ring the doorbell when the door is locked. Due to the sensitivity of this business, we ask that all clients call, text, or email members of our team before dropping by.


Mody International, Inc.
6222 Richmond Avenue, Suite 760
Houston, TX 77057
United States of America

Call: (713) 784-4411
Fax: (713) 784-

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Business hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
All other times: By Appointment

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